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Connects make a better life , IOT copy make a easier connects, we offer amzing IOT copy products.


One stop IOT solution ,hardware developing,firmware developing, App developing.

Bluetooth Speaker

A great listening experience shouldn’t be limited to one spot in your home, and while the days of carrying around a boom box on your shoulder are by and large over, you can still get a great on-the-go music playing device for you and your friends in the form of a Bluetooth speaker.

Smart BLE MESH colorful lights

On the market, most of the traditional intelligent lights needs a smart remote control, to control the lights, control distance is limited, not flexible. Our low-power Bluetooth intelligent lamp, using the latest Ultra Low Power Bluetooth technology, the most advanced MESH network technology, no need the additional remote control equipment , only need to install an App in your smart phone, then you can control the lights, more convenient and flexible.

Intelligent Small household appliances

In the traditional small household electrical appliances, such as soybean milk machine, rice cooker, with our low power consumption Bluetooth control modules which can be upgrade to be more intelligent. we can  switch, preset and do other various control for small appliances through smart phone. It also can achieve the fault detection, firmware upgrade function , bring you different experience

wireless voice remote control solution

With the development of smart TV, traditional remote control is unable to meet the needs of users, the voice remote control is gradually becoming the necessity. Use our intelligent voice remote control solution, through voice control smart TV and other devices, allowing users to more quickly and effectively select their favorite programs.

Bluetooth Low Energy wireless keyboard, mouse

Using low-power Bluetooth technology, compared with the traditional Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, our solution have lower power consumption, pair and connect more quickly and conveniently, in the customer’s existing mouse, keyboard, integrate with our BLE module, fast upgrade to new products

anti-lost device solution

Make the anti-lost device connect with smart phone, set the alarm distance, place it in our children or pets, when which leave over a certain distance from the smart phone, smart phone will launch alarm to remind the loss. It can also be used as a intelligent shutter to control smart phone’s camera.

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