Are you planning to buy a brand new 4-inch label printer? When you are new in the market it can be challenging to choose from all sorts of options, brands, sizes, prints, etc. The cost of these label printers varies as per the specifications. The label printers are used for special purposes since these are engineered to print tags, labels, and barcodes. So, how are you supposed to choose the label printer that is ideal for your purpose?

In this blog, we are about to share some tips that can be handy for you to buy the right 4-inch label printer. So, if you are stuck with any sort of doubts then we hope that these tips will narrow down things for you. Let’s talk more about them.

Things to Consider for Buying the Best 4-Inch Label Printer

Printing Durability

This is exactly where you have to think of the purpose for which you are buying a label printer. If your labels are going to end up on the health and safety signs, shampoo bottles, or shower gel, then it has to be more durable. The printers make use of liquid or water-based ink which is usually not waterproof or UV secure. For this, you must go for the printer that comes with pigment-based ink or make use of LED/Laser technology.

Printing Speed

This is another thing on the list that is extremely important to watch out for while buying a label printer. You might already be familiar with the fact that the speed of printers varies a lot. So, if your requirement is to print a lot of labels on a regular basis then you must choose accordingly. Laser technology-based printers are the ones that work fast without jeopardizing the quality. These are majorly used for massive label printing.

Cost of Printing

You surely don’t want to buy a printer that keeps increasing the cost of printing. There is this one popular rule with a 4-inch thermal printer that the more you will spend on these the lower will be the running costs. So, make sure that you are keeping track of the printing cost when you are buying a label printer.

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