Best 4 Inch Label Printer

STZ92 Label Printer High Speed Direct Thermal Printer


  • Highest Printing speed of 160 mm/s.
  • Portable Design, Print Anytime you want.
  • Work with all Shipping company including Fedex, UPS, USPS,etc.
  • No Need Any Ink, Any Toner
  • Compatible Operating Systems Windows & MAC OS.

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Printing Method: Thermal Line Printing.
Speed: 160 mm/sec.
No. of Total Dots: 203 dots/Line.
Auto Paper: Yes.
Print Width: 100 mm (MAX), Include- 4”x6”/4”x4”/4”x2”/4”x1”/3”x2”/2.25”x1.25”/2”x1”.
Language Support: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Western European, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian and many other languages.
Print Head Reliability: 50 km Print head comes with clear printing, fast speed, no ink, environmental protection.
Sensor: low noise Automatic paper measurement Dual-media sensor is designed for quickly locate the paper to ensure the accurate position of the label.
Support thermal paper: Support thermal paper: Support two types of thermal paper Roll Paper and Folded Cascade Paper.
Power: DC 2.5 A.
Package Included: 1 Label Printer, 1 Meter USB Cable, 1 CD Drive or 1 Pen Drive, 1 Power Adapter, 1 Power Cable, 1 User Guide Card & 1 Welcome Letter Card.

Q. The document we need to print is received as a PDF that takes up 1/2 sheet of regular sized paper. (8.5x11inches, or approx. 215x280mm). Because of the way it is sent to us, we have to screenshot or crop the image and rotate it in order to fit the correct size label. For some reason, whenever I try to print out the label, it comes out blurry or very small cant take full of the label .And the margins were wrong, I have tried multiple different Speed and Density combinations, but nothing seems to change anything. What do you suggest?”

A. It’s original document problem, like Amazon, Ebay, Fedex, USPS, Shopify, Etsy, so on main e-commerce and courier company support 4″ by 6″ label, the original PDF document is the proper size which is printed clearly in perfect matching with the label; If the original doc size is not right, whatever you do, cant get as clear as proper original size doc printed well. Nonetheless, there is still a way to print have to bear lower quality than the average. Here is a step (Based on the driver and printer have been set up correctly and could print original PDF 4*6 inch well) :-





Q. Can not set up with your Mac computer?

A. If there is a error ‘pkg’can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer when installing the driver, please follow the steps below to allow the macOS to finish the installation.

1) Go to the Security & privacy

2) Select to allow the “labelprinter.pkg” in the option pointed

3) Then you can install the printer driver.

Q. When you download the driver from the official website, its showing virus, and the antivirus software just blocked and even cleaned it. How to do?

A. First of all, It has no Virus. It is just a new Software, and the antivirus(windows defender) cannot recognize the app. You can Scan it confidently from other 3rd party Software’s Like – Avast, McAfee, AVG, Norton Etc is it safe. So you can do if you are downloading from Google Chrome, click on Keep after download finish. Open to install it will show you;- “Windows protected your PC ” Just below of it, there is option More Info click on it. Then you will See Run Anyway and then Install it usually. There is Full Step by Step guide is available on the Spata Official Website.

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