P3781T Portable Tag & Thermal-sensitive Printer

first class durable label printer

It can be connected to a large number of devices

P3781T provides a first class durable label printer. apply to outside.
3inch/72mm is the new generation of high performance mobile printers. The product is designed by military aircraft.
Even in a rather harsh environment. It offers durability and reliability.
P3781T was optimized the receipts for transport and logistics and government agencies it also can be used in printing
label and apply to a series of applications.
The printer can withstand frequent falls, collisions, accidents and harsh environments, it is suitable for mobile employees,their
work efficiency depends on the ability of the printer to perform as much as possible.
Using P3781T, you can be sure that the mobile printer will not only be able to withstand any external environmental
impact, but also provide mobile employees with strong functionality , connectivity, and reliability.
The x series products are designed with IP54 grade,which can prevent dust from splashing.
There are also Lots of design details. The unique combination of these advantages makes the printer a very durable
mobile printer on the market.
It can be connected to a large number of IOS, Android, and Windows devices.
With compact, comprehensive and first class accessories,P3781T printers can turn cars, trucks and other vehicles
into efficient mobile offices.


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