X30 3 inch portable mobile label printer


first class durable label printer

It can be connected to a large number of Devices

X30 mobile label printer, is a new generation of high performance 3 inch (80mm) mobile printer. The product uses IP54’s industrial grade design (which prevents dust entry and splashing) and maintains excellent durability and reliability even in harsh environments.
The characteristic receipts of transportation, logistics industry and government agencies are optimized, in addition to which they are also suitable for various scenarios of printing labels. Cars, trucks and other vehicles can be turned into efficient mobile offices.
In addition to providing easy settings, this series of printers also provides advanced Bluetooth(Bluetooth 2.0 / 4.0) technology Simple pairing and one-to-many connection technology, so it is easy to manage and maintain. Can be connected to a large number of IOS, Android and Windows devices.