In today’s cut-throat competition fast-moving inventory, better tracking at minimum cost is something that makes you ahead of others. Those who work in an e-commerce environment are quite familiar with the significance of a 4-inch thermal printer. Not to say, you require effective labeling solutions for supply chain operations. If you still have any queries as to where to use this type of printer, then read this blog. Here, we will discuss where you need 4-inch printers the most!

Top Applications of 4-inch Thermal Label Printers

Product Labeling

There are a big number of businesses that use 4-inch label printers for product labeling. Though barcodes are widely used for this purpose, thermal label printers set their own place in the market. You can use these types of printers to perform several tasks including printing of labels from ingredient list to product ids, special warning on products, expiration dates, and so forth. Apart from the print label for products, you can also use it to label product cartons and cases.

Shipping Labeling

The best use of thermal printers can be seen in shipping labeling. Delivery service companies such as FedEx and UPS leading this trend and creating a reason to use it widely. No matter whether you are indicating address information or package contents, a 4-inch thermal label printer can easily perform all your tasks. For shipping labeling, it’s good to use direct thermal labels as they have to withstand for a limited time- maybe for some weeks during the delivery time. Moreover, the outputs are easy to scan, of high quality, and lesser in cost.

Visitor ID Labeling

One thing that concerns us a lot is security! Whether you are running a small scale, medium scale, or a big enterprise, security is unavoidable. Companies regularly receive visitors and it becomes utmost essential to track for promoting security. At this point, you can make use of a 4-inch label printer for creating disposable ids. Since it streamlines the check-in process including date and time, it enhances security level. Plus, it is far better than costly plastic ids or handwritten labels. When direct thermal labels are used for printing ids, there is no need for ribbon.

Asset Labeling

Many firms are unable to track their assets due to a lack of mechanism. Isn’t it? But this problem can easily resolve if you make use of thermal label printers as a business can easily track scanners, computers, or machinery. The biggest advantage is it can print different materials beyond any standard paper. The very first step in asset labeling is to devise individual identities for each asset and label it individually. If you need, you can print a particular asset location as well.

Receipt Printing

Are you aware that a thermal label printer can be used for both receipt printing or labeling needs? When you change from label roll to continuous paper roll, printing receipt becomes much easier. Another advantage is it offers more size options which are quite beneficial for businesses. A thermal label printer width of 4” whereas receipt printing width of 3”. With this, you can use less paper printing while fitting more information on the selected inch.

The Final Note!

These are some of the most important applications of Thermal printers. Now, if you are thinking about where to buy it? Spata Technology is all set to offer four-inch desktop thermal printers in both thermal transfer and direct thermal models. Get the best quality, integration, and performance at an exceptional value today only. We have the best deals for you!

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